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hello. welcome to 9 news now at noon. we are following a developing story. former alexandria police chief david baker has just pleaded guilty to drunken driving. he was arrested after crashing
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his unmarked city vehicle last month in arlington. the incident cost baker his job. arlington county district court judge dorothy clark sentenced baker to 180 days in jail, but suspended all of -- but five days. he must surrender by 6:00 this evening. just about 90 minutes ago charles manson follower was released from federal prison. she was convicted of trying to assassinate former president ford in sacramento, california in 1975. fromme, now 60 years old was released this morning from the federal medical center carswell in ft. worth, texas. barack obama is in montana today to give a final push to health care reform before heading off on a vacation. the president is holding another town hall meeting and
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the big question is, will it turn hostile like the other debates across the country. manuel gallegus is reporting. >> reporter: here in the mountain west, a massive government health care overhaul is a hard sell. >> i think there will be some protesters for sure, but i also think there will be a lot of people out there that really think he is doing the right thing. >> reporter: president obama came very close to winning montana in last year's election. and plenty of bozeman residents say better health care coverage is worth a fight. >> i do know that you have we have to something. >> reporter: it is the confusion surrounding what is actually in the legislation that makes many skeptical. >> i'm not clear on what the package means but we certainly need improvements to the system. >> reporter: president obama arrived at this hangar later this afternoon to play the role of salesman in chief. the tickets were given out first come, first served. so there will be supporters and opponents. so far the president hasn't
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experienced firsthand the outrage that has been boiling over at town halls across the country. >> look at the picture. you are stealing from us. >> reporter: they say the best way for president obama to push back on the myths about health care reform is to make his case in person. >> the president strongly believes it is better to address what people's concerns are and take them head on. >> reporter: the president will take on his critics tomorrow at a town hall in colorado. manuel gallegus, cbs news, belgrade, montana. >> you can follow today's health care forum live by going to our website at we will have coverage tonight coming up on 9 news now at 5:00. a western pennsylvania woman and her boyfriend have been arrested after police say they forced the woman's young son to fight each other at least 20 times as the couple watched. it reportedly happened at the town of tarentum north of pittsburgh.
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the 6-year-old and 9-year-old tell authorities their mom's boyfriend said the fights were training to toughen them up. a charles county judge who acknowledged deplating a tire has resigned as chief administrator of the circuit court. the circuit court judge robert nailly is not resigning from the bench, however. he made no reference to the controversy over the tire deflation in a letter that was submitted yesterday regarding his decision. >> the postal service is investigating the apparent explosion of a mailbox. they'd like to owknowexactly what caused it. this was a breaki y ngorstwe first brought to styolau lanig at 11:00. the mailbox is e rnco 49th and meade streets in northeast washington. the explosion happened at one of the big blue drop boxes, but no one was injured. but there are a lot of questions as to what happen.
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so far there are no hints in to the investigation. dc delegate eleanor holmes norton plans to visit the munitions cleanup site in the spring valley neighborhood. she is demanding that the cleanup go on until congress says it is finished. earlier this week, the army corps of engineers halted the dig because a mustard gas chemical agent was found. it doesn't pose a danger to neighbors, but norton will hold a hearing on the issue next month. if you ride metro you are going to want to add extra time to your trip. starting tonight, and going through the weekend, the first trouble spot will be the red line because starting tonight at 10:00 the fort totten station will be closed. that means that trains will run from glenmont to takoma and brookland to shady grove. there will be shuttle bus service. the green line will not be affected. and then on the orange line, trains will single track between vienna and west falls
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charge. every other outbound train will terminate at west falls church and that begins tonight at 8 p.m. from metro to the airport. starting tomorrow, you are going to be asked for more information when you book a ticket. airlines will be required to get your birth date and your gender. now, the reason is to stop you from being mistakingly tagged as being on a terror watch list. the t -- the tsa says it happens hundreds of times each day. the government will now be in charge of checking names against watch lists, not the airlines. a 51 year run on captiol hill is ending today for the trover shop. the bookstore will close today. its owners say financial reasons are forcing it to close. there's a message on the store's website thanking friends and customers for their years of loyalty.
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the trover shop has a second location at 12th and f streets northwest and it hopes to keep that location open. remember redskins, fans, it is just a pre-season game. that's about the only solace to come from last night's preseason opener that occurred in baltimore because the ravens had 399-yards passing, 200 of them from troy smith seen here with his one touchdown pass to justin harper. redskins were shutout 23-0. hear from some of the players coming up this evening at 6:24. almost ellipsing last night's game for fans was the news that michael vick will be playing in the nfc east. the philadelphia eagles announced last night they have signed the virginia tech graduate. vick spent nearly two years in prison on a dog fighting conviction. he will be suspended for a few week and then could be in action by the time the redskins
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host the eagles on october 25th. michael vick held a press conference a short time a ago and he publicly apologized for his actions. >> i now know that playing in the nfl is a privilege and not a right, and, you know, i want to do whatever is necessary to be the best ambassador for the nfl and out in the community. >> reporter: vick credited the eagles starting quarterback donovan mcnabb for convincing coach andy ried to sign him. it has been 40 years since that famous concert that defined an era. and last night, woodstock was recreated on the stage at stratmore. 35 musicians gathered to pay tribute. brittany morehouse reports there was also a passing of the torch so to speak. >> reporter: before the show begins, woodstock veterans remember the time, together at last. >> faces here that i haven't
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seen for 40 years. >> people are wearing name tags with their high school pictures. like you look familiar but who are you? >> it has multiple meanings. >> loretta and i had fallen in love and it was the summer of love. >> certainly our summer of love. >> we plate up and no more contact. >> until 35 years later. now that the two are married and sharing this night down music memory lane. echos where one washington deejay put it on the map. >> we were the only people back there that had a tape recorder. >> backstage that is. >> and we had interviews with neil young and 17-year-old kid who was jimi hendrix congo player and his first professional gig. >> reporter: in that tradition, newcomers debut their challenge four decades later.
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like margo mcdonald. >> it is a duty to carry on in in the woodstock tradition one musician says. >> my generation could embrace the music more and realize how much of the music is created now is owed to that generation and their music ♪ [ music ] [ applause ] >> reporter: brittany morehouse, 9 news now and we have a lot more information on woodstock. go to our website on click on woodstock memories. it is right there on our home page. well, it is not something you hear about every day, but yesterday there were two attacks by swarms of wasps in our area. we will find out what triggered them. and we will also find out about one local woman's unusual occupation. let's just say it could really bug you. we'll be right back.
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miralax relieves constipation with no bloating. no cramping. no sudden urgency. announcer: only miralax is clinically proven to work like that. restore your body's natural rhythm with miralax. ♪[ music ] the funeral service for eunice kennedy shriver was held in hyannis, massachusetts today. the casket was carried down a small street by the kennedy family including daughter maria shriver and california governor arnold schwarzenegger to a small chapel at the saint
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francis xavier church. many notable well wishers were in attendance. you can get more information by checking out our slide show. it is son our website at eunice kennedy shriver died on tuesday. she was 88 years old. 26 people are recovering today after being stung by wasps in rock creek park. this happened yesterday near the nature center on glover road and most of the people were children. the fire department tells us eight girls were stung this morning after disturbing a yellowjackets ' nest and a few hours later, another 16 children were stung in the very same area. everyone is expected to be okay. so, how do you treat a bee or wasp sting? well, first, try to remove the stinger if it is still in the skin. then, to neutralize the venom,
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pediatricians say you can use a meat tenderizer, deodorant or a baking soda solution. an ice cube can help with pain. and for itching and swelling they suggest a dose of benadryl or hydrocortisone. call your doctor if the swelling spreads or the sting starts to look infected. and finally you should call 911 if your child starts to have trouble breathing or swallowing. it could be a very serious sign of shock. speaking of nasty bugs, they are creepy and crawley but the removal of head lice can also be pretty profitable. so much so that a local woman has turned a money-making hobby in to a full-time career. just by doing a job that others don't want to do. our digital correspondent, jessica doyle explains. >> it might look like a small
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freckle on the scalp, but if you realize the freckle has legs you know it is something else. >> reporter: head lice, the scourge of child care, summer camp, schools, every parents ' nightmare. >> she was in the tub and i saw a bug on her head and i pulled it off. >> reporter: her first encounter with lice a decade ago on her daughter. it prompted to her to become an expert on detecting and eliminating the creepy crawleys. she volunteered to do the lice screening at the school. word got around about her particular exper tease. >> there were more people contacting me they had a problem and what did they do and the money-making hobby exploded. >> reporter: two house holds a day turned in to such a vibrant business she opened her advice on lice office in kensington, maryland with her husband allen. >> people will come and say i can feel the bugs crawling on my head. i am like you can't feel it, you know. >> to confirm you have a
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problem they look under a microscope they are so small. snipping out the eggs strand by strand is a pain staking process and if the family is infebruary the treatment isn't cheap, the minimum one hour $85. several hour heads and hours later. >> could be a couple hundred dollars. >> she checks her own kids regularly including her daughter. that's the number one tip to avoid an infestation, a head check once a week. >> looking all right? >> looking good. >> clean bill of health. >> absolutely. >> all right. >> that's good. jessica says the francos aren't the only professionals nitpickiers out there. other local competitors include the head lice treatment center, metropolitan lice treatment services and no more and some other cities have even gone upscale with lice removal with hair salons going by such names as knit pixies, hair
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fairs and love bugs. each summer, teenagers hit the practice field for high school sports. extreme heat puts some at risk but there are steps being taken to keep them safe. we will tell you what is being done. tony has the forecast. >> we will get a little stretch of dry weather and turn up the heath over the weekend. we will show you the seven-day forek. after the brea break. stay with us. it hard to breathe. but now that i'm breathing better with advair... i can enjoy the zoo with my grandkids. (announcer) for people with copd including chronic bronchitis, emphysema, or both, great news. advair helps significantly improve lung function. while nothing can reverse copd, advair is different from most other medications because it contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator working together to help you breathe better. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers
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( slurping ) ♪ ( child giggling ) ( both slurping ) ( laughs ) ( giggles )
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school hasn't started but many high school sports teams are getting readier the upcoming season. it is not uncommon for youngsters to practice in the summer heat but this year could be different for many teens. a report on new guidelines to stop heat-related injuries. >> ready, set, go. >> for many student athletes, pre-season practice is underway but playing too hard under the summer sun can lead to heat stroke. he remembers collapsing during football practice. >> i was disoriented and starting to freak out. >> reporter: michael got overheated at a high school soccer practice.
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>> i was nauseous. my head was spinning a little bit and getting dizzy. >> reporter: this doctor says it is all too common. >> heat injuries or dehydration injuries are up there with ankle sprain. >> it can cause brain impairment and kidney problems. since ' 95 at least 29 people have died from heat-related illness. part of the problem there have been no set rules on how long or hard teams can practice in the sun. this year schools are getting guidance from thnational athletic trainers association. they say only one day practiis y recommended during the first week, lasting more than thse cond, weeke se ndcowe practice days can start but kids need to rest three hours in between. regular water breaks are a must. >> guidelines must start with the supervisory people, the coaches, knowing what the warning signs are of potential injury and thirst is the first warning sign. >> reporter: the guidelines
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aren't mandatory but experts hope that teams adopt them so kids can compete safely. >> anita tells us that loss of appetite or sluggish behavior are also signs something is wrong. all right. just be sure to check on them. let's get the weather forecast. tony is here today. >> quince lens dentally we are going to turn up the heat in to the weekend. a stretch of dry weather including today. around 90 degrees both days on saturday and sunday. the rest of the afternoon partly sunny skies, warm and humid, nothing unusual for this time of the year. the highs in in the mid-80s. overnight, partly cloudy skies. a little fog will develop after midnight. kind of like what happened last night. low temperatures a little bit either side of 70 degrees. right now 81. atop the hour at national airport, an east northeast wind bringing in the humidity. the dew point is 66. producing relative humidity of 60%. not oppressive but you will feel it when you go outside.
12:23 pm
78 winchester. 83 hagerstown. one of the warmer spots 79 at bwi. everyone will settle to the mid- 80s this afternoon. right now a little cloud cover out there. these are fair weather cumulous clouds. i don't see any precipitation chances but i condition rule out the chance of an isolated storm, especially on the eastern shore and to the south. a stalled front 0 off the coast and you can see the activity near the mouth of the chesapeake bay. if you are watching that way perhaps you will be seeing an isolated storm. over the weekend the jet stream will move north to in canada and louing the heat from the south to invade. it will push the thunderstorm chances back to the west. we should wind up with a dry weekend in to monday of next week. a quick look at the tropics before we get the seven did forecast, the hurricane center is watching this big wave that came off of africa. through the cape verde islands. high potential for that to be a tropical storm. fit does its name would be anna and of course it will be the
12:24 pm
first of the atlantic season. we will keep an eye on that. seven-day forecast, going through the weekend, mid-80s today. up around 90 on saturday an sunday. low 90s on monday. and then another slow-moving front will come through the middle of next week. late tuesday, wednesday and thursday. could be some scattered showers and thunderstorms and high temperatures will cool off back to seasonal norms. mid-80s by the middle of next week. that's a look at the seven-day fockba wind be back with more n h it's what doct most for headaches.
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the week is here. we will have great weather. >> yes, we will. good beach weather. good everything weather. >> that's wonderful. have a good weekend. come back and visit us at 5:00 p.m. this afternoon. we'll be back on monday. >> bye-bye. female announcer: from jennifer,
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